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Are you ready Mustofa?

The afternoon saturday, commonly I go to my student house. It rained heavily, i came lately. But his mother always invite me  to speak each other. I am very happy to speak with her. She is a wife of National Armed Forces. She is religious, she makes me to love her. But not love to become my wife. I love about her loyality to her husband.

Hmmmm, Can i get a wife like her?I will always pray to Allah…hehehe amien..

I’m sorry i forget…She told about her younger brother. Her younger brother is an employee of tax office. She told about him, because she thought that maybe i will have same life with him.

She told many things, about moving from one place to other place. So she adviced me to stay praying to Allah, to enlarge “sholat sunah, tahajud, hajat, istiqarah, taubat” etc. In my mind…Am i ready to work in somewhere that far from my village?I don’t know, but i will always pray for my best, my family best.

But, much greater importance is i can get my wife who always loyal to me..like her..She always sit next to her husband, she always support her husband..I always dream about it…hahahahaha..

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